On Ancestors & History “Our   ancestors   embrace   us.   We   must   look   back   and   listen   to   what   they   have   to   teach.   A   fool   denies   that   his ancestors   offer   wisdom.   Even   those      who   have   lead   lives   which   we   judge   harshly   have   lessons   to   teach.   If   nothing more, they teach us how not to be.” “We   can   grow   from   the   fertilizer   of   the   past   or   it   can   smother   us.   If   we   do   not   let   it   nourish   us,   we   are   the   losers who are not using our wealth.” “History   is   a   resource.   Walk   away   from   it,   be   angry   about   it   or   learn   from   it.   Sweeping   it   into   the   corners   of   the subconscious does not make it disappear.” ”I   gain   power   from   the   stories.   It   is   not   a   legacy   of   which   one   should   be   ashamed   or   refuse   to   face   the   painful moments.   It   is   a   legacy   of   visionaries.   It   is   a   legacy   of   people   who   exhibited   boundless   faith   in   the   power   of   a   divine being who was all knowing.”  On Blindness “My optical nerves were inflamed and damaged. But, blindness was not an option.” “Darkness   was   a   place   that   others   thought   I   would   go.   But,   I   sought   the   light.   I   was   determined   to   see   and   now   I see what others cannot.” On Life “Life is a journey of perspective.” “Life is one’s perception of reality. It is one’s ability to direct her energy and accomplish. We all accomplish. But, what?” On Spiritual & Physical  Reality “We are umbillically tied to our individual and communal herstories.  Our spiritual, invisible link is eternal.” “When the physical umbilical cord is severed, we are given an opportunity to find truth through our physical form.”  “Each   of   us   has      a   set   of   lens   through   which   we   can   view   the   past.   It   is   one’s   ability   to   balance   the   material   world with that of the spiritual world that gives one peace of mind.” On Perspective “Darkness   succumbs   to   light.   But,   light   also   submits      to   darkness.   It   is   an   interchange   of   energies.   Look   at   the   sun which   gives   way   to   the   clouds   and   the   night   which   shoves   away   the   sunlight.   Then,   watch   the   moon.   It   and   the stars creep into the darkness and light up the heavens.” Perspective   has   power.   It   has   the   power   to   build   or   the   power   to   destroy.   It   has   the   power   to   strengthen   or   the power   to   weaken.   It   is   an   evolving,   transmutable   energy   which   can   grasp   or   unravel   events,   conditions,   history, culture,   art,   relationships   or   man’s   quest   to   understand   the   ontological   core   of   his   metamorphosizing   life   force.   It is   an   entity   that   mind   has   the   ability   to   alter   instantaneously   or   embrace   for   decades.   It   manacles   spirit   and disembodies nations.” On Possibilities "Many   wonder   if   it   is   possible   to   truly   reach   beyond   the   limitations   of   individual   circumstances   based   upon   hard core   generational   belief   systems   and   systemic   racism.   If   one   has   faith,   a   creative   mind,      and   is   willing   to      work hard, all things are possible in America." On Self-Knowledge “Do   not      allow   yourself   to   become   the   dumping   ground   for   the   guilt,   shame,   regrets,   jealousy   and   distorted   truths of   others.   Focus   on   truth.   Truth   consumes   darkness.   People   will   try   to   rewrite   history   before   your   very   eyes.   A lifetime of good can only be tarnished by flaw if one allows those blinded with motive to interpret history.” Creativity “Creativity is man’s ability to interact with the invisible and channel invisible energetic forces which exist in the realm of spirit into thought forms. The mind molds these thought forms into ideas which can manifest into a creative product such as an artistic project or an invention. Creativity is boundless. It is invisible energetic-mind, that from which thoughts are made”